American filmmaker Steven Richter founded the Academia Internacional de Cinema (AIC) in 2004 in Brazil with Flávia Rocha and Adriano Diniz. The idea was to build a school that would focus on the filmmaker as artist: it would foster the art of collaboration and hone in on the vision of the filmmaker as auteur, creating a structure based on the art school's hands on studio system through constant filmmaking and in-class instruction of tools, concepts, history and theory. Today, the AIC is Brazil’s largest film school and one of Latin America’s most respected Film institutions.

Students from the AIC full time program Filmworks explain how the program works (Portuguese).

The Academia Internacional de Cinema is a film school with locations in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recognized for its excellence demonstrated in more than 2000 films produced by students in the school’s twelve years of activities. Our unique and innovative programs combine solid theory with intense hands on training, teaching students the necessary skills to work as creative professionals in the various areas and levels of filmmaking. Our faculty is composed by experienced professors and well-known filmmakers, who work in the Brazilian and international markets.

Filming on Aanton super 16mm

Filming on Aanton super 16mm

In addition to a list of programs that include more than 40 non-credit courses and workshops that cover all the process of film production, from idea to distribution, we developed at the AIC a unique two-year program in Film Direction, called Filmworks – that offers a technical degree. This course is accredited by the Sao Paulo State Educational Bureau.

We’ve established important partnerships with many Film companies and institutions, creating opportunities for our students through internship programs in some of the most important production companies in Brazil, as well as visibility of student work through screenings, festivals, distribution channels and active participation in the film community.

Every year, the AIC hosts a number of screenings and lectures open to the public as well as special classes with well-known filmmakers from around the world, continuing a series of discussions about contemporary film and filmmaking.

The AIC accepts international students. All courses are taught in Portuguese, with the exception of courses taught by international guest professors, which are in the original languages with a translator in class for Portuguese. For more information about courses and how to apply, please